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Shelf mark: Vi 495 Genana/1

Genanalyse : Isolierung differentiell exprimierter Gene. Videokassette
   Heidelberg [et al.] : Spektrum Akad. Verl., 1995. – VHS, Farbe, 41 min.

ISBN 3-86025-819-2

Subject headings: Gen-Analyse ; Molekularbiologie
Form/Genre subject heading: Videokassette
Project / Theme:

Shelf mark: Ma 400 Museum 1994/2

Museums and the appropriation of culture / Susan Pearce [Ed.].
   London [u.a.] : The Athlone Press, 1994. – 265 S. : Ill.

ISBN 0-485-90004-1

Subject headings: Museum ; Sammlung ; Kulturpolitik ; Museum /Gattung
Form/Genre subject heading: Aufsatzsammlung


S. 5-42: Beard, Mary: "Please don't touch the ceiling" : the culture of appropriation

S. 43-64: Cannizzo, Jeanne: Museum theatre in the 1990s : trail-blazer or camp-follower?

S. 65-83: Shepherd, Brian: Childhoodęs pattern : appropriation by generation

S. 84-102: Buckley, Anthony: Presenting a divisive culture : two exhibitions at the Ulster Folk and Transport Museum

S. 103-128: Potter Jr., Parker B.: Appropriating the visitor by addressing the second person

S. 129-141: Jain, Sunjay: Mobile museums in India

S. 142-173: Moore, Kevin: Labour history in museums : development and direction

S. 174-197: Johnson, Nichola: Britono, Boer and Black in savage South Africa

S. 198-212: Leone, Mark P.: An archaeology of the DeWitt Wallace Gallery at Colonial Williamsburg

S. 213-228: Carter, John: Museums and indigenous peoples in Canada

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