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Shelf mark: Ke 140 Berlin B/6

Berlin, New York : like and unlike ; essays on architecture and art from 1870 to the present / Josef Paul Kleihues; Christina Rathgeber [Ed.].
   New York : Rizzoli, 1993. – 511 S.

ISBN 0-8478-1657-5

Subject headings: Architektur ; Städtebau ; Kunstszene
Geogr. subject heading: Berlin ; New York <NY>
Chronological subject heading: 20. Jh.
Form/Genre subject heading: Aufsatzsammlung


S. 180-193: Roters, Eberhard: The birth pangs of modernism

S. 194-209: Hills, Patricia: The art world in New York, 1900-1919

S. 340-355: Schmied, Wieland: Postexpressionism : notes on Dada, Neue Sachlichkeit, and Bauhaus

S. 356-365: McCoy, Garnett: The New York art world during the interwar years

S. 440-457: Ruhrberg, Karl: The art world in postwar Berlin

S. 458-473: Ashton, Dore: The New York art world since 1945

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