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Subodh Gupta : réalités croisées / P. Ardenne.

In: _z00036, (2006),319. – S. 44-46

Form/Genre subject heading: Aufsatz
Gupta, Subodh

Contained in:

Shelf mark: Ma 430 IdeaOf/1

The end of the museum? / Nelson Goodman.

In: The idea of the museum : philosophical, artistic and political questions / Ed.: Aagaard-Mogensen, Lars. – Lewiston [u.a.], 1988. – (Problems in contemporary philosophy ; 6). – S. 139-155

Form/Genre subject heading: Aufsatz

Contained in:

Shelf mark: Md 020 Archit/1

The wrong twigs for an eagle's nest? Architecture, nationalism and Sir Hugh Lane's scheme for a Gallery of Modern Art, Dublin, 1904-13 / Neil Sharp.

In: The architecture of the museum : symbolic structures, urban contexts / Ed.: Giebelhausen, Michaela. – Manchester; New York, 2003. – (Critical perspectives in art history). – S. 32-53

Form/Genre subject heading: Aufsatz

Contained in:

Shelf mark: Ma 535 Thinki/1

Dissenting spaces / Judith Barry.

In: Thinking about exhibitions / Ed.: Greenberg, Reesa. – London ; New York, 1996. – S. 307-312

Form/Genre subject heading: Aufsatz

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