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Shelf mark: Mb 795 Scienc/1

Science, magic and religion : The ritual processes of museum magic / Mary Bouquet; Nuno Porto [Ed.].
   Oxford : Berghahn Books Ltd., 2006. – XII, 240 S. : Ill.

ISBN 1-57181-521-X

Subject headings: Ritual ; Museum ; kulturgeschichtliches Museum
Form/Genre subject heading: Aufsatzsammlung


S. 29-50: Harvey, Penelope: Memorialising the Future : the Museum of Science and Industry in Manchester

S. 51-74: Wieczorkiewicz, Anna: Unwrapping Mummies and telling their stories : Egyptian mummies in museum rhetoric

S. 75-94: Saunders, Barbara: Cango-Vision

S. 95-118: Wastiau, Boris: The Scourge of Chief Kasnabala : the Ritual Life of Two Congolese Masterpieces at the Royal Museum for Central Africa (1884-2001)

S. 141-160: Heatherington, Tracey: The Natural Magic of Monte San Giovanni : Authority, Authenticity and Ritual in Sardinia

S. 161-181: Fairweather, Ian: The Performance of Heritage in a Reconstructed, Post-Apartheid Museum in Namibia

S. 182-208: Wolbert, Barbara: Haunted Art : Visiting an Exhibit in Weimar

S. 209-228: Macdonald, Sharon: Enchantement and its Dilemmas : the Museum as a Ritual Site

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