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Art and its publics : museum studies at the Millenium / Andrew McClellan [Ed.].
   Oxford : Blackwell Publishing, 2003. – XVIII, 213 S. : Ill.

ISBN 0-631-23047-5 ; 0-631-23046-7

Topical subject heading: Museumskunde ; Kunstmuseum
Chronological subject heading: 2000
Project / Theme:
Museumswesen im 20. und 21. Jh.


S. 1-49: McClellan, Andrew: A brief history of the art museum public

S. 50-74: Prior, Nick: Having one's tate and eating it : tranformations of the museum in a hypermodern era

S. 77-95: Rice, Danielle: Museums : theory, practice and illusion

S. 96-115: Wallach, Alan: Norman Rockwell at the Guggenheim

S. 117-130: Bann, Stephen: The return to curiosity : shifting paradigms in contemporary museum display

S. 133-147: Higonnet, Anne: Museum sight

S. 149-162: Gaskell, Ivan: Sacred to profane and back again

S. 165-182: Clarke, Christa: From theory to practice : exhibiting African art on the twenty-first century

S. 184-200: Senie, Harriet F.: Reframing public art : audience use, interpretation, and appreciation

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