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Shelf mark: Y 20-0410

Notation: Ma 595 Frankl/1

Anti-museum / by Adrian Franklin.
   London [et al.] : Routledge, Taylor & Francis Group, 2020. – ix, 142 Seiten : Illustrationen. – Band. – ohne Hilfsmittel zu benutzen

ISBN 978-1-138-60412-4 hbk.

Anti-Museum charts the development of the anti-museum as a concept and as it has been realised in practice. Drawing on a range of case studies, including the New Museum and PS1 in New York, Mona in Australia, Art42 in Paris and Donald Judd's Marfa, the book assesses their potential to engage museum publics in new ways. Anti-museums seek to breathe relational and theatricalised vitality into the objects they exhibit, by connecting them to the contexts of their making, to their social life outside the museum, to visitors' lives via their transformative capacities for change, and by being a place of dialogue, exchange and transformation, rather than instruction. Documenting the ways in which they have been created by artists, collectors, and curators, the book also examines the extent to which anti-museums connect with other museums through the exchange of values and resources. Critically, it asks whether, after some 40 years of 'new museology', such institutions are still able to offer something fresh and valuable [Verlagstext]

Identification number EKI: BVBBV046404840

Shelf mark: Kc 100 Lieber D/44

Sehnsucht nach Idylle : Max Liebermann und die Maler am Wannsee / herausgegeben für die Max-Liebermann-Gesellschaft Berlin von Miriam-Esther Owesle ; bearbeitet von Alice Cazzola ; mit Beiträgen von Dominik Bartmann [und 6 weiteren].
   Berlin : Liebermann Villa am Wannsee, 2019. – 160 Seiten. – Band. – ohne Hilfsmittel zu benutzen

ISBN 978-3-9821239-0-5

Liebermann-Villa <Berlin> : 20.10.2019-10.02.2020
Subject headings: Landschaft <Motiv> ; Künstlerkolonie
Form/Genre subject heading: Bildband ; Ausstellungskatalog
Liebermann, Max

Identification number EKI: KXP1680573802

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