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Shelf mark: Ma 430 Toward/1

Towards the museum of the future : new European perspectives / Roger Miles; Lauro Zavala [Ed.].
   London : Routledge, 1994. – XIII, 203 S.

ISBN 0-415-09498-4

Subject headings: Museum /Diskussion
Geogr. subject heading: Europa
Form/Genre subject heading: Aufsatzsammlung


S. 7-30: Ritchie, Ian: An architect's view of recent development in European museums

S. 31-38: Baur, Ruedi: Some general thoughts on corporate museum identity: the Case of Villa Arson, Nice

S. 75-80: Braf, Bernhard: Visitor studies in Germany : methods and examples

S. 81-97: McManus, Pauline M.: Families in museums

S. 99-115: Hjorth, Jan: Travelling exhibits : the Swedish experience

S. 133-146: Hooper-Greenhill, Eilean: Museum education : past, present and future

S. 149-159: Vergo, Peter: The rhetoric of display

S. 161-176: Silverstone, Roger: The medium is the museum : on objects and logics in times and spaces

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