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Shelf mark: Md 110 London/3=Rara

Crystal Palace Library. –
   London : Crystal Palace Library, 1854 (Whitefriars : Bradbury & Evans)

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Subject headings: Ausstellungsarchitektur ; Weltausstellung /Architektur
Corporate subject heading: London /Crystal Palace
Chronological subject heading: 1854
Project / Theme:
Victoria and Albert Museum


A: Jones, Owen: The Alhambra Court in the Crystal Palace

B: Wyatt, M. Digby: The Byzantine and Romanesque court in the Crystal Palace

C: Wyatt, M. Digby: The Renaissance court in the Crystal Palace

D: Wyatt, M. Digby: The Mediaeval court in the Crystal Palace

E: Wyatt, M. Digby: The Italian court in the Crystal Palace

F: Latham, R.G.: The Natural History Department of the Crystal Palace

G: Owen, Richard: Geology and inhabitants of the ancient world

S. F,7-79: Latham, R.G.: Ethnology

S. A,90-117: Gayangos, Pasqual de: An Historical Note of the Kings of Granada : from the conquest of that city by the arabs to the expulsion of the moors

S. F,81-92: Forbes, Edward: Zoology and Botany

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