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Museums After Modernism : Strategies of Engagement / Griselda Pollock; Joyce Zemans [Ed.].
   Oxford : Blackwell Publishers, 2007. – 248 S. ; Ill.

ISBN 1-4051-3628-6

Subject headings: Museum /Theorie ; Ausstellungsgestaltung
Form/Genre subject heading: Aufsatzsammlung
Project / Theme:
Museumswesen im 20. und 21. Jh. ; Ausstellungskonzeption ; Museumswesen im 20. und 21. Jh.


S. 1-39: Pollock, Griselda: Un-Framing the Modern : critical space / public possibility

S. 40-69: Bal, Mieke: Womenęs Rembrandt

S. 70-79: McMaster, Gerald: Museums and Native Voice

S. 80-103: Phillips, Ruth B.: Exhibiting Africa after Modernism : globalization, pluralism, and the persistent paradigms of art and artifact

S. 104-118: Greenberg, Reesa: Mirroring Evil, Evil Mirrored : timing, trauma, and temporary exhibitions

S. 119-130: Frenkel, Vera: A Place for Uncertainty : towards a new kind of museum

S. 131-140: Kelly, Mary: The Ballad of Kastriot Rexhepi : notes on gesture, medium, and meditation

S. 141-156: Arnell, Ulla: Riksutällningar : swedish traveling exhibitions

S. 157-172: Graham, Janna: Reframing Participation in the Museum : a syncopated discussion

S. 173-177: Mastai, Judith: There is no such thing as a visitor

S. 178-189: Mastai, Judith: Anxious Dust : history and repression in the archives of Mary Kelly

S. 190-224: Carson, Juli: On Discourse as Monument : institutional spaces and feminist problematics

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