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One record matching Ekaterina <Rossija, Imperatrica, II.>

Ekaterina <Rossija, Imperatrica, II.>
Kaiserin von Russland seit 1762
02.05.1729-17.11.1796; 1729-1796
Form of reference:
Ekaterina <Rossija, Carica, II.>; Catharina <Russland, Kaiserin, II.>; Cathérine II.; Cathérine <Russland, Zarin, II.>; Katharina <Russland, Kaiserin, II.>; Katharina <II.>; Cathérine Alexéievna <Russie, Grande-Duchesse>; Catherine <Russia, Empress, II.>; Katharina <die Große>; Catharina <Russland, Zarin, II.>; Catherine <Russie, Impératrice, II.>; Ekaterina Aleksievna <Rossija, Imperatrica, II.>; Ekaterina Alekseevna <Rossija, Imperatrica, II.>; Ekaterina <Russland, Zarin, II.>; Katharina Alexejewna <Russland, Zarin>; Ekaterina Alekseevna <Russland, Zarin>; Catharina <Russland, Kaiserin, II.>; Cathirine <II.>; Cathirine <Russland, Zarin, II.>; Cathirine Alexiievna <Russie, Grand-Duchesse>; Katharina <Russland, Zarin, II.>
Identification number
PND: 118560565

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