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Shelf mark: Kc 100 Hayash D/1

Tadahiko Hayashi / Sumiyo Mitsuhashi; Shotaro Akiyama [Collab.]. Tokyo-to-Shashin-Bijutsukan.
   Tokyo, 1993. – 199 S. : zahlr. Ill.

Tokyo-to-Shashin-Bijutsukan : 1993
Subject headings: Photographie
Geogr. subject heading: Japan
Form/Genre subject heading: Einzelausstellung
Hayashi, Tadahiko
Project / Theme:

Shelf mark: Kc 100 Kapoor D/3

Anish Kapoor : drawings / Jeremy Lewison [Ed.]. Nicholas Serota [Intr.]. Tate Gallery <London>.
   London, 1990. – 64 S.

ISBN 1-85437-047-2

Tate Gallery <London> : 03.10.-10.02.1991
Form/Genre subject heading: Einzelausstellung
Kapoor, Anish

Shelf mark: Mc 300 Washin 1989/1

On the art of fixing a shadow : one hundred and fifty years of photography / Sarah Greenough; Joel Snyder; David Travis; Colin Westerbeck [Collab.]. National Gallery of Art <Washington, DC>.
   Boston [u.a.] : Bulfinch Pr., 1989. – XVIII, 510 S. : zahlreiche Ill.

ISBN 0-8212-1757-7

National Gallery of Art <Washington, DC> (Washington, DC) : 7.5.1989-30.6.1989
Art Institute of Chicago (Chicago, Ill. <orta, https://d-nb.info/standards/elementset/gnd#placeOfBusiness>) : 16.09.-26.11.1989
Los Angeles County Museum of Art <Los Angeles, Calif.> : 21.12.1989-25.2.1990
Subject headings: Photographie ; Photographie /Geschichte
Form/Genre subject heading: thematische Ausstellung

Shelf mark: Kc 100 Albini D/1

Walter Albini / Gloria Bianchino. Bonizza Giordani Aragno; Francesca Zaltieri [Collab.]. Centro Studi e Archivio della Comunicazione <Parma>.
   Parma, 1988. – 309 S.

(Quaderni ; 68)

Form/Genre subject heading: Einzelausstellung
Albini, Walter

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