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Shelf mark: Mb 700 IdeasA/1

Ideas and images : developing interpretive history exhibits / Kenneth Ames; Barbara Franco; Thomas Frye [Ed.]. American Association for State and Local History.
   Nashville, Tenn., 1992. – VIII, 336 S. : Ill.

ISBN 0-942063-20-1

Subject headings: Historische Ausstellung ; Ausstellungskonzeption
Form/Genre subject heading: Fallstudie
Project / Theme:


!LI:IDN:u066498!!: Price, Clement Alexander: Been so long : a crtique of the process thet shaped "from victory to freedom : afro-american life in the fifties"

!LI:IDN:u066499!!: Welsh, Peter H.: The way to independence : a new way to interpret a native american collection

S. 65-102: Heisley, Michael: Collections and community in the generation of a permanent exhibition : the hispanic heritage wing of the museum of international folk art

S. 137-161: Cohen, Lizabeth: Fit for America : how fit for visitors?

!LI:IDN:u066503!!: McKay, Tom: Minor league, major dream : keeping your eye on the idea

!LI:IDN:u066504!!: Matelic, Candace Tangorra: Forging a balance : a team approach to exhibit development at the museum of florida history

!LI:IDN:u066505!!: Robinson, Cynthia: A priority on process : the Indianapolis children's museum and "mysteries in history"

!LI:IDN:u066506!!: Pursell, Carroll: Telling a story : the automobile in american life

!LI:IDN:u066507!!: Frisch, Michael: Brooklynęs history museum : the urban history exhibit as an agent of change

!LI:IDN:u066508!!: Bunch, Lonnie: Fueled by passion : the valentine museum and its richmond history project

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