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Shelf mark: Md 020 Archit/1

The architecture of the museum : symbolic structures, urban contexts / Michaela Giebelhausen [Ed.].
   Manchester [et al.] : Manchester Univ. Pr., 2003. – XII, 249 S. : Ill.

ISBN 0-7190-5609-8

Subject headings: Museumsarchitektur ; Städtebau
Form/Genre subject heading: Aufsatzsammlung
Project / Theme:


S. 17-31: Meijers, Debora J.: The Kunstkamera of Tsar Peter the Great (St Petersburg 1718-34) : King Solomons's house or repository of the four continents?

S. 32-53: Sharp, Neil: The wrong twigs for an eagle's nest? Architecture, nationalism and Sir Hugh Lane's scheme for a Gallery of Modern Art, Dublin, 1904-13

S. 54-74: Lewi, Hannah: Exhibiting antipodean naratives : tracing the Perth museum site

S. 75-107: Giebelhausen, Michaela: Symbolic capital : the Frankfurt museum boom of the 1980s

S. 108-126: Stephens, Chris: On the beach : art, tourism and the Tate St Ives

S. 127-143: Pohl, Nicole: "Passionless reformers" : the museum and the city in utopia

S. 144-159: Welter, Volker M.: The return of the Muses : Edinburgh as a Museion

S. 160-182: Vidler, Anthony: The space of history : modern museums from Patrick Geddes to Le Corbusier

S. 183-205: Fraser, Valerie: Brasília, a national capital without a national museum

S. 206-223: Birksted, Jan: "Where oppositions disintegrate and grow complicated" : the Maeght Foundation

Shelf mark: Kd 810 VRC B/1

Peking, Shanghai, Shenzhen : Städte des 21. Jahrhunderts / Kai Vöckler; Dirk Luckow [Ed.]. Michael Rossnagl [Collab.]. Omar Akbar [Intr.]. Bauhaus <Dessau>.
   Frankfurt [et al.] : Campus Verl., 2000. – 608 S. : zahlr. Ill.

ISBN 3-593-36621-5

Parallel Title: Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen : cities of the 21st century

Bauhaus <Dessau> : -23.07.2000
Subject headings: Städtebau ; Architektur
Geogr. subject heading: Peking ; Shanghai ; Shezhen ; China ; Volksrepublik China
Chronological subject heading: 21. Jh.
Form/Genre subject heading: Aufsatzsammlung

Contained in:

Shelf mark: Ma 200 Market 2003/1

International conventions and cultural heritage potection / Bonnie Magness-Gardiner.

In: Marketing heritage : archeology and the consumption of the past / Ed.: Rowan, Yorke. – Walnut Creek, 2003. – S. 27-40

Subject headings: Kulturgüterschutz
Form/Genre subject heading: Aufsatz

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