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Shelf mark: Z 224 <2(2006),3>

The museum environment : adverse consequences of well-intentiones solutions / Steven Weintraub.

In: Collections, 2(2006),3. – S. 195-218

Subject headings: Museum ; Umweltbedingungen ; Ausstellungsgebäude /Normen
Form/Genre subject heading: Aufsatz

Shelf mark: Ma 535 Thinki/1

Thinking about exhibitions / Reesa Greenberg; Bruce W. Ferguson; Sandy Nairne [Ed.].
   London [et al.] : Routledge, 1996. – XXII, 487 S. : zahlr. Ill.

ISBN 0-415-11589-2

Subject headings: Museum /Ästhetik ; Ausstellungsästhetik ; Ausstellungskonzeption ; Museologie
Chronological subject heading: 1996
Form/Genre subject heading: Aufsatzsammlung
Project / Theme:
Museumswesen im 20. und 21. Jh. ; Ausstellungskonzeption ; Museumswesen im 20. und 21. Jh.


S. 7-21: Meijer, Debora J.: The Museum and the 'ahistorical' exhibition : the latest gimmick by the arbiters of taste, or an important cultural phenomenon

S. 21-38: Ramírez, Mari Carmen: Brokering identities : art curators and the politics of cultural representation

S. 39-66: Poinsot, Jean-Marc: Large exhibitions : a sketch of typology

S. 67-81: Grasskamp, Walter: For example, documenta, or, how is art history produced?

S. 81-112: Bennett, Tony: The exhibitionary complex

S. 113-132: Lamoureux, Johanne: The museum flat

S. 133-156: Hawkins, Peter S.: Naming Names: the art of memory and the NAMES project AIDS quilt

S. 159-173: Lyotard, Jean-François: Les immatériaux

S. 175-190: Ferguson, Bruce W.: Exhibition rhetorics : material speech and utter sense

S. 192-200: McMaster, Gerald: Creating spaces

S. 202-218: Bal, Mieke: The discourse of the museum

S. 221-230: Alloway, Lawrence: The great curatorial dim-out

S. 231-250: Heinich, Nathalie: From museum curator to exhibition auteur : inventing a singular position

S. 251-267: Karp, Ivan: Constructing the spectacle of culture in museums

S. 269-274: Miller, John: The show you love to hate : a psychology of the mega-exhibition

S. 275-294: Deliss, Clémentine: Free fall - freeze frame : Africa, exhibitions, artists

S. 298-305: Sazonov, Valery Petrovich: The One-Picture Gallery

S. 307-312: Barry, Judith: Dissenting spaces

S. 313-319: _p000439: Function of architecture

S. 321-340: O'Doherty, Brian: The gallery as a gesture

S. 349-367: Greenberg, Rosa: The exhibited redistributed : a case for reassessing space

S. 371-386: Celant, Germano: A visual machine : art installation and its modern archetypes

S. 387-410: Nairne, Sandy: The instituionalization of dissent

S. 411-436: Nemiroff, Diana: Modernisms, nationalism and beyond : a critical history of exhibitions of First Nations art

S. 437-449: Fraser, Andrea: In and out of space

S. 451-464: Ward, Martha: What's important about the history of modern art exhibitions?

Contained in:

Shelf mark: Ka 400 LiedVo/1=Rara

Die Biennale von Sydney / Paula Latos-Valier.

In: Das Lied von der Erde / Ed.: Block, René. – Kassel, 2000. – S. 42-46

Parallel Title: The Sydney

Corporate subject heading: Sydney Biennial
Form/Genre subject heading: Aufsatz

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