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Shelf mark: Mc 200 Housto 2009/1

Building on a construct : the Adolpho Leirner Collection of Brazilian Constructive Art at the Museum of Fine Arts, Houston / Héctor Oleo; Mari Carmen Ramírez [Ed.]. Museum of Fine Arts <Houston, Tex.>. Museum Haus Konstruktiv.
   Houston [et al.], 2009. – 394 S. : zahlr. Ill.

ISBN 978-0-300-14698-1

Museum Haus Konstruktiv (Zürich) : 18.11.2009-März 2010
Concretismo and Neo-Concretismo: fifty years later ; ·Museum of Fine Arts <Houston, Tex.> : 13./14.09.2007.
Subject headings: Konstruktivismus <Kunst> ; neokonkrete Kunst ; Sammlung / privat / in Museumsbesitz
Geogr. subject heading: Brasilien
Corporate subject heading: Houston / Museum of Fine Arts
Personal subject heading: Leirner, Adopho
Chronological subject heading: 1945-1975
Form/Genre subject heading: Kongress ; thematische Ausstellung

Identification number EKI: BSZ316507180 , LCCN: loc/2009035659

Shelf mark: Kd 705 Versio/1

Versions and inversions : perspectives on avant-garde art in Latin America / Héctor Olea; Mari Carmen Ramírez [Ed.]. Museum of Fine Arts <Houston, Tex.>. International Center for the Arts of the Americas <Houston, Tex.>.
   New Haven [et al.] : Yale University Pr., 2006. – 303 S. ; Ill. (s. hierzu CD Rom mit Sign. Vm 400 Versio/1)

ISBN 0-300-11652-7

Text engl. und span. Der Ausstellungskatalog steht u.d.Sign. Kd 700 Invert 2004/1

"Inverted utopias: avant-garde art in Latin America" ; MFA <Houson, Tex.> : 19.06.2004.
Subject headings: Kunst ; Modernismus ; Concept-art
Geogr. subject heading: Lateinamerika
Chronological subject heading: 20. Jh.
Form/Genre subject heading: Kongress
Project / Theme:


S. 23-47: Peluffo Linari, Gabriel: Pedro Figari : criticism of the avant-garde and the utopia of memory

S. 49-87: Gionta, Andrea: Art of the sixties in Buenos Aires : words images and frontiers

S. 89-129: Camnitzer, Luis: The historical unfitting of conceptualism in Latin America

S. 131-157: Salzstein, Sônia: Contemporary trends in Brazil during the 1950s : the mire of modernization

S. 159-193: Lippard, Lucy R.: The materials at hand : art, work, and life ; Gego, Clark, Schendel and Hesse

S. 207-241: Storr, Robert: Perspective od exhibition craft

Shelf mark: Kd 700 Invert 2004/1

Inverted Utopias: Avant-Garde Art in Latin America / Mari Carmen Ramirez; Héctor Olea [Ed.]. Museum of Fine Arts <Houston, Tex.>.
   Yale : Yale University Pr., 2004. – 586 S. ; zahlr. Ill.

ISBN 978-0-300-10269-0*

Der Kongressband zur Ausstellung steht u.d.Sign. Kd 705 Versio/1

Museum of Fine Arts <Houston, Tex.> : 20.06.-12.09.2004
Centro de Arte Reina Sofía <Madrid> : 2000
Subject headings: Kunst ; Avantgarde
Chronological subject heading: 20. Jh.
Project / Theme:

Contained in:

Shelf mark: Ke 140 Berlin B/6

The art world in postwar Berlin / Karl Ruhrberg.

In: Berlin, New York : like and unlike ; essays on architecture and art from 1870 to the present / Ed.: Kleihues, Josef Paul. – New York, 1993. – S. 440-457

Subject headings: Kunstszene
Geogr. subject heading: Berlin
Chronological subject heading: 1945-1994
Form/Genre subject heading: Aufsatz

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