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Shelf mark: Mf 100 Studie 1990/1

Studies in the history of art / National Gallery of Art <Washington, DC>.

47. The formation of national collections of art and archaeology. . – 1996. – 175 S. : Ill.

ISBN 0-89468-202-4


S. 15-29: Fisher, Philip: Local meanings and portable objects : national collections, literatures, music, and architecture

S. 29-41: McClellan, Andrew: Nationalism and the origins of museum in France

S. 41-52: Bjurström, Per: Interpretations of the terms National Collection and National Museum in Scandinavia

S. 53-78: ·Gaehtgens, Thomas W.: The Museum Island in Berlin

S. 79-100: Forster-Hahn, Françoise: Shrine of art or signature of a new nation? : the National Gallery(ies) in Berlin, 1848-1968

S. 101-112: Duncan, Carol: Putting the "Nation" in London's National Gallery

S. 113-126: Wallach, Alan: On the problem of forming a national art collection in the United States : William Wilson Corcoran's Failed National Gallery

S. 127-142: Wright, Gwendolyn: National Culture under Colonial Auspices : the École Française d'Extrême-Orient

S. 143-158: Coombes, Annie E.: Ethnography, popular narratives of Benin culture in the British Museum

S. 159-164: Kennedy, Roger G.: Some thoughts about national museums at the end of the century

S. 165-172: Preziosi, Donald: In the temple of Entelechy : the museum as evidentiary artifact

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