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Shelf mark: Z 224 <11(2015),1>

Cultural treasures or cash cows? : Cheating posterity and selling art collections to balance the budget / Pamela J. White; Wasmund, Sadie.

In: Collections, 11(2015),1. – S. 41-54

Subject headings: Museumsbestand ; Aussonderung ; Museumsmanagement /Finanzen
Form/Genre subject heading: Aufsatz

Shelf mark: Ke 330 IND A/12

Indomania : [published on occasion of the exhibition 'Indomania', in the framework of the festival europalia.india] / Deepak Ananth; Dirk Vermaelen [Ed.]. Centre for Fine Arts <Brussels>. Europalia International Foundation.
   Brussel : Europalia [u.a.], 2013. – 191 S. : zahlr. Ill.

(europalia ; 2013)

ISBN 978-94-6130-136-9

Other Title: International arts festival europalia.india

Palais des Beaux-Arts <Brüssel> (Brüssel) : 16.10.2013-26.01.2014
Geogr. subject heading: Indien
Corporate subject heading: Europalia 2013
Topical subject heading: Kulturgeschichte ; Orientalismus ; Indien <Motiv> ; Indienbild
Form/Genre subject heading: periodische Ausstellung

Identification number EKI: GBV786946261

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