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Shelf mark: Ma 250 Cultur/1

Creatice Iindustries as Milieux of Innovation : the Westergasfabriek, Amsterdam / Caro Bonink; Erik Hitters.

In: Cultural attractions and European tourism / Ed.: Richards, Greg. – Wallingford, 2001. – S. 227-240

Form/Genre subject heading: Aufsatz

Contained in:

Shelf mark: Kb 000 ArtHis 2002/1

Using art history : the Louvre and its public persona, 1848-52 / Gabriel P. Weisberg.

In: Art history and its institutions : foundations of a discipline / Ed.: Mansfield, Elizabeth. – Andover, 2002. – S. 178-190

Subject headings: Museumsgeschichte
Corporate subject heading: Paris /Louvre
Personal subject heading: Jeanron, Philippe-Auguste
Chronological subject heading: 1848-1852
Form/Genre subject heading: Aufsatz

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