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Shelf mark: Ma 520 Museum 1999/1

Museums and their development : the European tradition 1700-1900 / Susan Pearce [Ed.]. University <Leicester>. – Reprints
   Andover : Routledge/Thoemmes, 1999. – 8 Bde.

ISBN 0-415-19307-9

Subject headings: Museumsgeschichte
Geogr. subject heading: Großbritannien ; Europa
Chronological subject heading: 17. - 19. Jh.
Form/Genre subject heading: Quelle

8. Waagen, Gustav: Galleries and cabinets af art in Great Britain : being an account of more than forty collections of paintings, drawings, sculptures, Mss. &c. / Gustav Waagen. – Repr. from the 1857 ed.. – 1999. – VII, 560 S.

Subject headings: Kunst- und Wunderkammer ; Museumsgeschichte ; Sammlungsgeschichte
Geogr. subject heading: Großbritannien
Chronological subject heading: 1857
Form/Genre subject heading: Verzeichnis
Project / Theme:
Kunst- und Wunderkammer

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