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Shelf mark: Ka 660 Imperi/1

Imperialism, art and restitution / John Henry Merryman [Ed.].
   Cambridge : Cambridge University Press, 2006. – X, 267 S.

ISBN 0-521-85929-8

"..." ; Washington University School of Law : 26.-27.03.2004.
Subject headings: Kunstwerk /Raub ; Restitution <Kulturpolitik>
Form/Genre subject heading: Kongress
Project / Theme:


S. 15-36: Cumo, James: View from the Universal Museum

S. 37-46: Halman, Talat: From global pillage to pillars of collaboration

S. 47-64: Boyd, Willard L.: Museums as centers of cultural understanding

S. 65-97: St Clair, William: Imperial appropriations of the parthenon

S. 98-113: Merryman, John Henry: Whither the Elgin Marbles?

S. 114-134: Siehr, Kurt G.: The beautiful one has come - to return : the return of the bust of Nefertiti from Berlin to Cairo

S. 135-192: Urice, Stephen K.: The beautiful one has come - to stay

S. 193-217: Brown, Michael F.: Nagpra from the middle distance : legal puzzles and unintended consequences

S. 218-254: Thomas, David Hurst: Finders keepers and deep American history : some lessons in dispute resolution

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