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For logistical and conservatorial reasons, it is unfortunately not possible to extend the exhibition beyond 26 April. We ask for your understanding and thank all Beethoven fans for their keen interest.

In cooperation with the Beethoven Haus Bonn, the Bundeskunsthalle marks the 250th anniversary of Beethoven’s birth in 2020 with a major exhibition.

The interdisciplinary exhibition traces the key events and phases of Beethoven’s life and correlates them with his singular musical oeuvre. The central narrative is underpinned by a series of select special focus sections – for example ‘Beethoven as a Patient’, ‘Networks’ or ‘Business Strategies’ – each of which relates to key works.

The exhibition presents unique original objects and iconic portraits to shed light on the composer’s personality and scrutinise the many clichés and myths that have grown around him over the course of the last 200 years. Period instruments and audio stations invite visitors to immerse themselves in Beethoven’s captivating musical cosmos. Further to his creative practice, the exhibition explores the cultural and historical context of the composer’s life and work.

«für mich gibts kein großeres Vergnügen als meine Kunst zu treiben und zu zeigen» Ludwig van Beethoven, 16. November 1801

Sie präsentiert einzigartige Originalexponate und ikonische Porträts, die die Persönlichkeit des Komponisten vorstellen und gleichzeitig sein gängiges Bild in der Öffentlichkeit hinterfragen. Originalinstrumente und Hörstationen lassen die Besucher*innen in historische Klangwelten eintauchen. Es wird nicht nur die Arbeitsweise des Komponisten, sondern auch der kulturhistorische Kontext seiner Lebens- und Wirkungsgeschichte veranschaulicht.

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Visitors may take photographs in this exhibition. Exceptions are marked accordingly.

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