We offer a wide-ranging programme of workshops for visitors of different ages and interests. The workshops promote a practical and creative approach to exploring the exhibition themes and content. The creative activities support the personal engagement with and sensory experience of the works seen in the exhibition. We regularly offer workshops in the school holidays and at weekends.

The museum is also a great place to host your child's next birthday, with an exciting range of activities for children and young people.
In our work, we also focus especially on providing services for groups of visitors with special needs.

Visitors can also participate in workshops in English, which are available both as part of our regular programme and customised for individual groups. You can find details of our current workshop programme in our event calendar. We will be glad to provide you with details of the prices and fees by phone.

Information for workshop participants

Working tools are used in the workshops. Desinfectants are available.
Usage is at your own risk.


School classes and youth work groups
Group size: from 12 on; duration 2 hours; €4 per person (€2 with a BonnAusweis pass)

Workshop for adults
Group size: max. 12; duration 2 hours; €160 for the group

Workshop / further training for educators and teachers
Group size: max.12; duration 2 hours; €80 for the group

Workshops for groups (children and young people) with disabilities
Group size:12; duration 2 hours; €2 per person

Children's birthdays in the museum
Group size: max. 12; duration 2 hours; €80 for the group

We work together with a qualified team of over forty freelance specialists (art historians, archaeologists, media scholars, artists, art educators, etc.) who are expert and enthusiastic in bringing our access and workshop activities alive for all our visitors.

Please note

The Art and Exhibition Hall of the Federal Republic of Germany does not accept any liability for damages caused during the workshops. Participants are advised to have personal liability insurance to cover any damage which they may cause. We would ask children to be collected punctually as we are only responsible for supervising children during the workshops and on the museum premises. 

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