Georg Baselitz: Pictures That Turn Your Head

A retrospective. Paintings and sculptures from 1959 to 2004

2 April to 5 September 2004

Upside-down motifs, ‘pictures’, therefore, ‘that turn your head’, have made his work distinctive since 1969. Yet Georg Baselitz’s work cannot be reduced to this alone. This comprehensive exhibition will prove how varied the work of this artist, born 1938 in Deutschbaselitz/Saxony, has been over the passed 40 years.

Beginning with his early, rarely seen ‘hero pictures’ from the 1960s, which exhibit relevance to contemporary history, the exhibition presents his fracture paintings, his first ‘upside-down’ paintings - which to date have continued to provide him with painterly and compositional autonomy - and his finger paintings produced towards the middle of the 1970s.
This is followed by ‘The Orange Eaters’ from the early 1980s, created in reaction to a general re-acceptance of expressive figurative painting, and by his ‘motif’ paintings, culminating in his major ‘Malerbild’ and ‘Bildübereins’ paintings - as well as in consecutive ones. On view will be his romantic works based on Caspar David Friedrich, which have created a furor since also being installed in the Reichstag in Berlin in 1999. New works from the years 2002 to 2004 will round off this retrospective.

The show will be augmented by his unrefined wood sculptures, which do not conceal marks of the wood carving process under paint. It will present Baselitz as an artist of great craftsmanship, of concentrated expressiveness and of great diversity with respect to his portrayal of motifs.

A 50-minute film specially produced for this exhibition by Heinz Peter Schwerfel will show how the artist’s former irreconcilable attitude toward his own work and towards art and painting in general has changed over that past ten to twelve years.
The film will confront the artist with his early statements and will present him as a collector of an unusual ensemble, throwing new light on his own work.


Georg Baselitz: Bilder, die den Kopf verdrehen
Eine Retrospektive. Bilder und Skulpturen von 1959-2004
320 pages with 200 color illustrations
Trade edition: Seemann Verlag

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