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Benjamin Katz : Georg Baselitz

2 April to 5 September 2004

Over many years, the photographer Benjamin Katz, born in Antwerpen in 1939, has developed close friendships with the various artists he has followed while at work in their studios or in public. His photographs are characterized by great intensity and intimacy. In his photographs Katz has successfully captured the ephemeral and reflected the soul of these artists, thus revealing also relevant aspects of their work.

The exhibition includes approx. 80 portraits of Georg Baselitz taken over the past 25 years. The photographs are light-hearted as well as pithy. Conspiratory as well as discrete, they offer illuminating, revealing and lively views while also telling stories. In short: they capture decisive yet fleeting moments which serve to portray Baselitz not only as an artist but also as a human being.

Accompanying Publication

Benjamin Katz : Georg Baselitz
Preis: 14,80 EUR
Verlag: Wienand-Verlag

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