Pina Bausch and the Tanztheater

Bundeskunsthalle, Bonn

4 March to 24 July 2016

16 September 2016 – 9 January 2017
Martin-Gropius-Bau, Berlin

Pina Bausch (1940–2009) is recognised as a pioneer of modern dance theatre and as one of the most influential choreographers of the twentieth century. The exhibition at the Art and Exhibition Hall is the first to present her work to a wider public.

«I am less interested in how people move than in what moves them» Pina Bausch

Taking its starting point in the workshop talk she gave in 2007 when she won the prestigious Kyoto Prize, the exhibition provides insights into the work of Pina Bausch. The focus is not only on the work in terms of staged performances but above all on the very foundations of the choreographer’s oeuvre, on her creative practice and on the key aspects and people that have accompanied and shaped her progress. The objects, installations, photographs and videos presented are drawn from the unique holdings of the Pina Bausch Archive. 

At the heart of the exhibition is the reconstruction of the Lichtburg, the legendary rehearsal space in an old Wuppertal cinema, in which Pina Bausch developed most of her pieces with her dancers. Outsiders are rarely admitted to this intimate space. At the Bundeskunsthalle it becomes a space in which visitors can meet members of the company who will introduce them to characteristic dance theatre movements and short sequences of moves. Performances, dance workshops, public rehearsals, conversations, films and much more transform the rehearsal studio into a vibrant, experiential space.

The Lichtburg

Join us in the reconstruction of the Lichtburg for performances, dance workshops, films, open rehearsals, lecture performances, training classes, talks and performative interventions and experience the work of Pina Bausch and the Wuppertal Dance Theatre. Like the original Lichtburg, the reconstruction must necessarily be a limited-access space to preserve its intimate character. The Lichtburg – an experiential and immersive encounter with Pina Bausch’s work


Workshops for dance enthusiasts of all levels of competence offer a mix of different techniques, traditions and physical practices. Drop in, there is a wide range of events you can join on the spur of the moment and without previous experience. A programme of public rehearsals offers a glimpse of choreographic processes and an opportunity for exchange with the artists.


Not just because the Lichtburg was once a cinema, but mainly because audio-visual media are the most important way of documenting dance, we are screening series of film on and by Pina Bausch and the Wuppertal Dance Theatre. The programme presents documentary films by, among others, Chantal Akerman, Klaus Wildenhahn, Lee Yanor and Pina Bausch herself.

Lecture Performances und Talks

Talks, lecture performances and conversations introduce visitors to the work of Pina Bausch and the Wuppertal Dance Theatre in an open welcoming form that involves different players, perspectives and themes and that draws on the inside specialist knowledge of associates, dancers, colleagues and researchers. What remains? How does choreography get passed on? What connects us to the work of Pina Bausch?

Film & Talk

As part of the series Film & Talk we are screening video recordings of some of Pina Bausch’s pieces. The screenings are followed by a conversation with participants in the creative process. What can be said about the rehearsals at the time? What influence did Pina Bausch have on them and their work? Recollections, knowledge, anecdotes.


During the rehearsals for a new piece Pina Bausch asked her dancers ‘questions’. Words, short sentences, fragments – approaches and material of a creative practice. How did the dancers perceive Pina Bausch’s questions? What are their memories? And to what extent do Pina Bausch’s work and her way of working determine their current practice? Join us for performances and interventions that address working with Pina Bausch.


7 visitors question 7 members of the Wuppertal Dance Theatre for 5 minutes. Visitors are asked to take part in a form of ‘oral history speed dating’ and to question members of the Wuppertal Dance Theatre about their work with Pina Bausch for five minutes or to follow the event as a spectator. A playful approach to the work of Pina Bausch.

Kunstkomplizen – Art Accomplices

The Art Accomplices format allows visitors to experience the exhibition and its performative aspects in the company of others. Get to know other ways of seeing and approaching the work of Pina Bausch in the company of fans experts, dancers and other visitors. Meet up to share the experience.

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