An exhibition of grant-holders of the Konrad Adenauer Foundation’s artists’ programme

23 February to 22 April 2018

Five artists embark on a journey. Exploring the interplay between intimacy and distance, they create ambivalent experiential spaces in which the familiar becomes strange and the strange familiar. The artists’ sense of their own situatedness and position remains fleeting, decampment and departure are already envisaged. Working in different formal idioms and media – photography, text, sculpture and installation – Stef Heidhues, Veronika Kellndorfer, Cyrill Lachauer, Alexej Meschtschanow and Hans-Christian Schink formulate spatial experiences that briefly touch upon the question what truth might actually mean.
In the exhibition, the participating artists leave traces of their encounters and lay them as trails. Visitors following their lead do not so much experience coherent stories as layers of disparate experiences that elude documentary cartography despite recognisable spatial and historical references. Ambivalence becomes the criterion of artistic practice and the precondition for insight.

#TracesInSpaces |

Free Admission

The entrance to this exhibition is free.


Photographing in this exhibition is not only allowed but desired. Share your photos on social media and use the official hashtags.