Xi'an – Imperial Power in the Afterlife

Burial Goods and Temple Treasures from China's Ancient Capital - Results of German-Chinese cooperation in the Protection of Cultural Property

21 April to 23 July 2006

This exhibition presents recent archaeological discoveries from the vast necropolis surrounding the city of Xi'an in today’s Shaanxi province, the very cradle of Chinese culture and capital of China through thirteen dynasties.
Taking the unification of the empire under China's first emperor Qin Shihuangdi as its starting point, the exhibition focuses on the Qin, Han and Tang dynasties (221 BC – 907 AD) and showcases around 200 magnificent objects from the sumptuous funerary complexes and rich temple furnishings of the emperor and the aristocracy.
An impressive computer-aided display allows a glimpse into the as yet unopened burial chambers of two imperial tombs.
A comprehensive book on the archaeology of Xi'an is published in conjunction with the exhibition, and an international conference will bring together the leading scholars of the field.

Xi'an - Imperial Power in the Afterlife marks more than fifteen years of cooperation between Germany and China in the domain of the preservation of the cultural heritage supported by The Federal Ministry of Education and Research.


Xi’an – Kaiserliche Macht im Jenseits
370 pages with 353 color illustrations, 54 sw illustrations
Museum edition: 25 EUR
Trade edition: Philipp von Zabern
ISBN 3-8053-3605-5
edition out of print


Unter der gelben Erde
Die deutsch-chinesische Zusammenarbeit im Kulturgüterschutz - Kongressbeiträge
224 pages with 70 color illustrations, 4 sw illustrations
Museum edition: 29 EUR
Trade edition: Philipp von Zabern
ISBN 3-8053-3605-5