Planet Meer / Planet Ocean

National Geographic

1 June to 30 September 2007

National Geographic Deutschland presents the exhibition "Planet Ocean" in the Art and Exhibition Hall in Bonn. More than 50 motifs from the photo book with the same title transport viewers into the fascinating underwater world.

Glittering shoals of fish cavort in the coral reefs, a whale majestically manoeuvres through the tides, rays hover like flying saucers in the deep blue. The photography of Laurent Ballesta and Pierre Descamp reveals poetic, graceful images from the depths of the ocean. The exhibition can be viewed from 1 June to 30 September 2007 in the supporting programme of the exhibition "Egypt’s Sunken Treasures".

More than two thirds of the Earth is covered with oceans and seas. This still little explored world is vastly different from our world on land. Sea horses, for example, are fish, and their males get "pregnant". But the depths of the ocean has many more wondrous and breathtaking phenomena to offer: gorgeous coral reefs, grassy-green underwater meadows, jungle-like forests of seaweed or the icy turquoise blue of the Artic seas. The National Geographic exhibition "Planet Ocean" displays encounters at eye level with entrancing, menacing, and exotic inhabitants, as well as hidden landscapes below the ocean’s surface.

"Planet Ocean" invites visitors to undertake a fascinating journey to the Earth’s hidden spots. Laurent Ballesta and Pierre Descamp have given a new dimension to the study of nature. "Planet Ocean" shows the accomplishments of the teamwork between the two marine biologists and divers and sums up their philosophy: To place the image in the service of science.

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