Video ∙ Installation ∙ Performance

16 June to 16 August 2020

The exhibition presents one of the most intriguing artistic phenomena of our time: the fusion of the visual and the performing arts. Today, more often than not, a visit to an exhibition does not merely offer new visual impressions. Instead, it is a more comprehensive experience that involves all the senses. Artists combine video, performance, dance and language, creating intermedial works. In some cases, this results in the visitors themselves becoming part of the work, forcing them to give up the distanced position of the viewer.

The fusion of the arts that causes the boundaries between the disciplines to disappear is a phenomenon of contemporary art that emerged in the 1960s. The term intermedia was used to celebrate the diversity of artistic possibilities, and experiments combining music, theatre, visual art and literature were launched. The Fluxus movement with its happenings and use of new media was especially influential in shaping this broader concept of art. Today in 2020, the extension of artistic media into all conceivable fields has long since become widely accepted. The exhibition brings together works that playfully move between different artistic disciplines – performative sculptures, sound works and multimedia installations as well as performances.

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Admission tickets

€10/ €6.50 (concessions) incl. Capitalism Game

Free admission for everyone up to and including the age of 18.
Happy-Hour-Ticket: 7 € (available two hours before the museum closes; individual visitors only, all exhibitions.) Combined ticket for all exhibitions available. More information


Visitors may take photographs in this exhibition. Feel free to share them on social media and please use the official hashtags.
Exceptions are marked accordingly in the exhibition.

Show bibliography
  1. Begüm Erciyas Voicing Pieces, 2016 © Bea Borgers
  2. Gisèle Gonon, Work With Us, Ausschnitt, 2018 © Sebastian Eggler
  3. Rachel Monosov, The Blind Leader, Ausschnitt © Courtesy of the artist and Catinca Tabacaru Gallery, Foto: David Plas
  4. Dries Verhoeven Songs for Thomas Piketty, detail, 2020 © Willem Popelier
  5. Raphaela Vogel, Videostill, "Tränenmeer“, Detail, 2019, Video: 19:21 Min., Courtesy BQ, Berlin and Raphaela Vogel Raphaela Vogel, Tränenmeer, Videostill, detail, 2019, De Pont Museum

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