STUDIO BONN. Listening to the Future

The Common Ground
(German only)
Monika Grütters, Eva Kraus

Since the opening of the Bundeskunsthalle in 1992, the political value of culture has steadily risen. This can be seen in the budget increases that Federal Government Commissioner for Culture and the Media Monika Grütters has achieved in her eight years in office – most recently in the two billion euros for culture to alleviate the consequences of the Corona pandemic. But do politicians really understand how culture works and what it achieves? Are the existing instruments enough to safeguard the work of artists? How do cultural institutions need to change? Is there a need for a Federal Ministry of Culture? And what remains of the cultural sovereignty of the individual states that make up the FRG? At the premiere of STUDIO BONN, Federal Government Commissioner for Culture and the Media, Monika Grütters, artistic director Eva Kraus and Kolja Reichert discuss the future of cultural policy.