Collection focus

The library mainly collects media on the history, theory, and practice of exhibiting. Historically significant exhibitions are documented through original sources, typically exhibition catalogues and secondary literature.

Keywords such as World Exhibitions, Biennale di Venezia, documenta, Entartete Kunst, Armory Show, and Westkunst, paint a picture of the collection range. The collection additionally offers common specialised literature, reference books, and books about exhibition management, technology, and design. Featured are also communication of art and the history of museums and collections.

You will of course find a wide variety of general art literature, especially about 20th and 21st century art. Reference books and ongoing art magazines, as well as many artist monographs, give visitors an overview of modern and contemporary art.

Additional services

Further literature accompanying the current exhibitions is available in our reading room. Past exhibitions are documented through an extensive collection of associated literature, which is available in the library.

Furthermore, the library has an area for children with more than 1000 children’s books on the topic "art and museum" and beyond.