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Shelf mark: Ma 430 IdeaOf/1

The idea of the museum : philosophical, artistic and political questions / Lars Aagaard-Mogensen [Ed.].
   Lewiston [u.a.] : Mellen, 1988. – 288 S.

ISBN 0-88946-334-4

Subject headings: Museum /Theorie ; Museum /Konzeption ; Kunstmuseum
Form/Genre subject heading: Aufsatzsammlung
Project / Theme:


S. 7-15: Alexander, Hubert G.: Why preservation?

S. 17-22: Gilberg, Rolf: An ethnographic museum design

S. 23-33: Mogensen, Else: A living museum

S. 35-43: Brunius, Teddy: The art museum and the status of the arts

S. 45-59: Fisher, John: mUSEums

S. 61-76: Coomaraswamy, Ananda K.: Why exhibit works of art?

S. 77-83: Beardsley, Monroe C.: The concept of the art museum

S. 85-97: Schildt, Göran: The idea of the museum

S. 99-126: Gombrich, Ernst H.: The museum : past, present and future

S. 127-138: Rosenberg, Harold: The museum today

S. 139-155: Goodman, Nelson: The end of the museum?

S. 157-169: Altieri, Charles: Museums or mausoleums?

S. 171-194: Margolis, Joseph: The idea of an art museum

S. 195-200: Leacock, Stephen: Short circuits in the social current : old junk and new money

S. 201-219: ·Aagaard-Mogensen, Lars: The museum world

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