Studio Bonn

Studio Bonn is the Bundeskunsthalle's discourse format. As a public think tank, it is aimed at experts and a generally interested audience.

International artists, scientists, programmers and activists discuss live in the Bundeskunsthalle, the Kanzlerbungalow and other locations questions that will shape the societies of tomorrow. The events will remain accessible in German and English-language videos and podcasts, inviting people to continue the collective discussion.

1992 – 30 years present

30 years of the Bundeskunsthalle. 30 years of art, science, music and politics: people who have shaped and experienced these 30 years meet people who are turning 30. We listen to news and hits from 30 years ago and remember things that no longer exist - or that are currently making a comeback.

Bettina Rust and Leyla Yenirce take you on a journey through time to the Bonn roots of today's Berlin Republic.

Europe, what's going on?

A journey through Europe to capture the voices of a generation that is only just discovering the continent for itself.

Do school and university prepare people sufficiently for life in the Europe of the future? Why is digitalisation not working everywhere for different reasons, even though everyone supposedly wants the same thing? Is there a young, European consciousness, or is democracy in danger? And where is our much-vaunted European culture actually to be found?