Salon 53177

Salon 53177

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Salon 53177 Summer Festival


Save the Date: 15 June

After many exciting months, special encounters and creative exchanges, it is time for us to go. From July you will find us in the Salon at Bundeskunsthalle. As a farewell, we want to celebrate again in Bad Godesberg and invite you to our summer party. There will be hands-on activities, a stage program and much more. We look forward to seeing you!

Feel free to talk to us!


Project Manager
Fiona Sprack
sprack (at)
+49 228 9171–410

Project Assistant
Niko Gäb
gaeb (at)
+49 228 9171-203

Telephone information
+49 228 5046–3970

Opening Hours

Tuesday to Friday, 11 a.m. to 7 p.m.
Open on Saturdays for individual events


Am Fronhof 1
53177 Bad Godesberg

Stay tuned!

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Program [Only available in German]

Spring/Summer 2024
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Salon in the Bundeskunsthalle

Do you need space to just be? Read the newspaper in peace, take a lunch break with friends or colleagues, reflect on your visit to the exhibition or just relax. You can do this and much more in the new salon – your feel-good zone in the Bundeskunsthalle! A space and meeting point that you can use as you wish. Admission free.

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