One hand holds up a few books to present them.

The Bundeskunsthalle library is open to all visitors to the museum – art-loving laypeople and academics alike. It is a working library for the staff of the museum and a research library for public use. Opened in 1992 with a few hundred books, the library now has more than 50,000 items (books, magazines, films).

All media are recorded in an electronic library catalogue (Web-OPAC). If you have any questions, the library team will be happy to help you, also by e-mail or telephone.

Reading room

In the reading room, visitors have access to internet access, scanners and audio booths as well as the most important art history databases and free WLAN access.

Not everything has room in the reading room: book groups A, F, M and Y as well as older journal volumes are stored in the stacks; K (art) and Fl (children's books), on the other hand, are in the reading room and can be consulted directly at the shelf. Media from the stacks can also be consulted or borrowed on the same day if the order is received by 9 a.m. (also by e-mail).

3D printer

A 3D printer (Ultimaker 2 Extended+) is available in our reading room. You can use it to print out your own 3D models free of charge under supervision.

If you would like to use the 3D printer, you are welcome to visit us with your 3D model in STL format. Please bring the file with you either on a USB stick or an SD card. We will then prepare your model for printing together and make adjustments to the size, quality and filling density, among other things.

Are you a 3D printing professional and don't need our support for print preparation? Then bring your model with you as G-code on an SD card. Please note that the printing time should not exceed 5 hours.

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