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General Information
+49 228 9171–0

Nadia Benameur
Assistant to the director
benameur (at)
+49 228 9171–229

Hubert Ringwald
Personal Advisor to the Directors
Contact person for corruption prevention
ringwald (at)
+49 228 9171–177

Jutta Frings
Marketing and Publications
frings (at)
+49 228 9171–250

Sabine Schumacher
Guided tour service
buchung (at)
+49 228 9171–243

Frank Koslowski
Facility Management
koslowski (at)
+49 228 9171–274

Miriam Dreiner-Guhlke
Visitor Services and Event Realisation
dreiner-guhlke (at)
+49 228 9171–204

Susanne Annen
Exhibition Manager
annen (at)
+49 228 9171–327

Dr. Sven Sappelt
Program Curator
Focus on discourse
sappelt (at)
+49 228 9171–298

Laura Held/Margot Flatow
Library and Archive
bibliothek (at)
+49 228 9171–213

Karin Weber
Transport and Insurance
weber (at)
+49 228 9171–115

Manuela Gottschalk
ArtCard and customer retention
artcard (at)
+49 228 9171–222

Miriam Barhoum
Program curator
Focus on performing arts
barhoum (at)
+49 228 9171–270

Martin Hoffmann
Project Assistance
hoffmann (at)
+49 228 9171–262